Friday, August 13, 2010

Suck It, Bartender!

To last night's bartender at Three Sheets;
Your non-generous pours were most suck-worthy. Perhaps you should revert back to measuring standard servings, stingy bastard. In the meantime, you can SUCK IT!!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Suck It "Gerry"

Gerry you can suck it !!!  Just the fact that you are breathing up otherwise useful oxygen, chaps my hide.

So Suck It !!!   By the way get my name right !!!  

Suck It GoDaddy!!!

By pure chance, GoDaddy has earned the premier "Suck It!" post.  Thanks for making us go through 182 mouse clicks, 67 different screens and 25 offers and ads just to find out the price of our domain.  What should have taken no more than 3 seconds and two mouse clicks wasted a healthy chunk of our afternoon.  Thanks GoDaddy; for the 30 minutes of our lives we won't be getting back... And to boot, you falsely advertised a lower price on your internet adspace!  But we won't be fooled by your trickery; a few keystrokes on google and we found a 30% off promo code to discount your ass!  And for that you get a SUPERSIZED SUCK-IT!

Suck It!

Have you ever felt like punching someone in the face?  But seeing as how that's frowned upon in our society today (and frankly sometimes proximity may be an issue) all you can do is repress that anger, suck it up, and push that primal emotional response to physically lash out at said mood-evoker way down, down, down within your inner being.  Consequently you end up feeling a little piece of your soul has died... or perhaps you feels a few lbs heavier now with the weight of all that pent up aggression. We've been there!  Almost daily, in fact. Being responsible members of society, and doing our best to avoid disciplinary action at the workplace, alcoholism, or spending any time in county lock up, we've joined forces to create a cathartic cyber outlet for ourselves and others who are in need of a release.  If the toll booth operator dropped your change on purpose, your breakfast order was FUBAR, or that mid-life crisis of a sports car cut your off a little too close on your evening commute we encourage you to sound off here.  Consider a cyber slap in the face to any or all of the pummel -worthy perpetrators in need of a good cosmic smack down!

Suck It!!!  For the greater good of mankind...